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Touring, Recording and Just “Making Music!”

Hi, I'm Annelisa Franklin and I spend most of my time writing, recording and performing my own brand of popular music. Thank you for exploring my website.

I started my music career at age ten and since then I've written more than a hundred songs, made two albums, performed over 78 concerts, 12 live radio performances, 3 live TV performances in 7 years of professional experience. I had most of my early musical adventures with my older sister, Adriana.

I do music because I love it. I play and sing for the fun of it. I was born in LA and moved to a small, mountain resort town in Arizona when I was seven years old. Throughout my travels, I've found that the big city also feels like home so I'm part open fields and pickup trucks, and part city skylines and giant billboards. Naturally, my music reflects both aspects of who I am. I write songs that strike an emotional chord with most audiences. The sound is American story telling with a Pop flavor. I like reaching a wider audience than just my generation.

Playing my songs to a crowd of people, making that face to face, heart to heart connection, is where the real magic happens. Watching people dance and sing along to my music makes all the road hazards like car breakdowns and cheap motels worth it. I’ve got over 78 gigs under my belt and can’t wait to get back on the road to play my music for you.

Telling stories and making people feel emotions through a song, that’s a magic all its’ own. When someone comes up to me and says that I'm telling their stories, well, there’s nothing more inspiring. One of the many joys of songwriting is exploring genres and styles. I get to do that when I write for other artists, and even for film and television.

I've recorded two albums so far. These experiences have given me the best musical education any artist could ask for. Along with learning vocal technique with Steven Memel, I got to work with some excellent music professionals and learned that creating a fun, cooperative atmosphere should be the goal of every collaboration.

Performing is the work I love, and the studio is my vacation. I like to joke that to me, R&R means rehearsing and recording. I want to see my name on concert tickets and hear my songs on the radio, but I'm fueled by my music connecting with everybody who will enjoy it.


Annelisa Franklin

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