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I love to share my  adventures with you! Here are some photos and videos we've taken along the way. Looking for the press kit? Click here.

A glimpse into my adventures!

  • Photoshoot for Above the Stars
  • A shot for Above the Stars
  • Just some sister silliness!
  • Ready for a Valentines Day bash
  • At an Indie movie premier
  • From the Places to Go photoshoot
  • Way too serious for us!
  • I think we can take him!
  • Sneakin around the Universal lot
  • Who you gonna call?
  • Annelisa is red carpet ready
  • At the keyboard
  • Acoustic mood
  • At the mics

Annelisa Franklin Videos

My production videos can be found on my YouTube channel. Simply click the YouTube button on the left side of any page.


I create informal videos somewhat more frequently and share them with you on Twitter. See my twitter feed on the home page (click the ANNELISA FRANKLIN logo in the top left), or just click the twitter button on the left side of any page to go to my Twitter channel.